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 Post subject: Spider/Tarantula cookie jar?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:45 am 
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Ah, yes, Halloween is again approaching fast. So it's now time for me to post my annual plea for all good spider keepers to start looking for the ideal spider/tarantula cookie jar.

But, it isn't all that simple. Many of you will remember that the other co-author of TKG3, my wife Marguerite, passed away several years ago. Among her several last wishes were that after she died she was to be cremated, and that I carry her ashes around in my motorhome (some of you may remember that I'm retired and live full time in a motorhome, traveling North America, looking for the oft elusive tarantulas and tarantula keepers therein) until I either found another spouse (Heaven forefend!), or got too old to drive anymore. (Never! They'll have to pry the ignition keys from my cold, stiff fingers as they lower me into my grave!).

Well, she did, I did, and she now rides on the instrument panel of the motorhome in something that resembles a black, high end, Tupperware container! Well, that's what she wanted, but it lacks a level of class and respect that I think she deserves. So every October I plan to issue this plea until it's fulfilled, or they bury me WITH the d*** keys still in my hand!

I'm looking for a fairly good sized, ceramic or plastic, cookie jar made in the image of a tarantula. Yes, it's to be used as a burial urn for Marguerite! Someday.

Last year, many sent me photos of a straight sided, ceramic jar with a tarantula graphic printed on the side. Well, okay. But it's not what I had in mind. Sorry for being so picky. But, thanks anyway for your interest. At least you were paying attention.

And then there were those who suggested that I peruse all the local ceramic shops (in my unique case the term "local" can have a number of definitions, some encompassing all of North America!), and if I found a "green" cookie jar I could have all the fun of ...

Sorry, folks. I am not an artisan. No talent. And, I have very low mechanical skills. Neither do I, at age 71, have any desire to start trying to master yet another arcane technology. And lastly, you have no idea how hard it would be to drag around a kiln for firing the jar in my motorhome! (I can't help but wonder how Customs would react as I crossed the border? Surely I'm using it as a mobile, meth cooker, no? :lol: )

If the moderators will let this one pass, and especially if you have a yard wide, macabre streak running up your back (But, what they hey? It's Halloween, no?) you could probably post your responses here for the amusement of everybody else as well. Or, if you're too self conscious or shy, you can merely send me an E-mail posting to the addy in my sig (below). NOTE THAT I HAVE DEACTIVATED PRIVATE MESSAGES ON THESE FORUMS, AND I GENERALLY IGNORE THEM ENTIRELY. PLEASE USE MY REGULAR E-MAIL ADDY INSTEAD.

In your posting, be sure to include the vendor's contact information (e.g., name, address, phone, URL, etc.). A photo would be nice, but I'm not pushing for all that much creativity on your part, especially if one is already included in their webpage or catalog.

Now you can stop laughing.



All the television documentaries notwithstanding, nobody has died of a spider bite in North America since before the Korean War!

Now, I'm sure that little datum really made your day! No?

The Tarantula Whisperer!
Stan Schultz
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