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 Post subject: Need Help! Rosa Leigh is leaking from Chelicerae
PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:22 am 
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Rosa Leigh (10 y.o. A. avic) was having a very hard time a number of months back but ended up being able to make it thru a very tough molt back in March(?). She has some odd marks on either side of her eyes and had a piece of old exo stuck on abdomen. I was able to carefully trim most off but left the rest as it did not seem to be a hindrance. Her legs almost look like they are about to split, but she has been doing everything normal - including making a lovely web for the first time in years. So I just check her out regularly.

FF to now. Day before yesterday, she was in her water bowl - good, she is taking a long drink. She has been wandering around the front (plexi-glass) of her tank the last several days so I took her out tonight. As she wandered on my hand I noticed some wetness. I put her on a clear piece of plexi and found that it is coming from around her Chelicerae - it is clear. She is pressing against the plastic and moving so leaving a streak. I am including some photos of the leak and the spots/holes(?) on either side of her eyes.

The only other time I have seen this was on a G. rosea I had about 10 years ago. She became very uncoordinated and was dead within a week.

Does anyone have any ideas? I cannot imagine she is still wet from her drink 2 days ago...?

I hope someone reads this as I know this forum is as dead as the conference :( I am not on facebook so I am sort of stuck.

 Post subject: Re: Need Help! Rosa Leigh is leaking from Chelicerae
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:53 am 
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Hello lele.

I'm no tarantula doctor, then I might not be very helpful.

Seems pretty damaged down there: fang missing (it seems?) and the other one damaged, weird mark on the right of the mouth (like a hole), opisthosoma appears to be shriveled... But she acted fine from last molt until now (some months ago, yeah?). Then it shouldn't be a wound not healed from last molt: your T would have been already dead. Are your sure she didn't molt one more time recently?

This kind of leaking can have different origins:

1. The water she drank, but it's unlikely as it was two days ago (unless she drank again... but that wouldn't be a good sign either).
2. A recent wound, maybe on a weaker spot. In that case, I doubt you could do something, because what is usually used to seal T wound (cornstarch, glue, nail polish, etc.) cannot be effective and would be dangerous on such a place (mouth) and you would need to know precisely where the wound is.
3. Such leaking can appear when a T has some internal infection or parasites (like nematodes), but you should have noticed a change in the behavior (like pedipalps hunched, for instance).
4. Something else that I don't know...!

Sorry not to be able to help more! Maybe someone else?

How is she now? Still alive? Still leaking? If you catch her drink again, it would mean that she's losing hemolymph and trying to compensate...

Anyway, if she's about ten years old, she's already an old lady for Avicularia.

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