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Click on name to link to desired species thread. No name = no breeding report for that species on this forum. So please add yours. If you find one/some in the Tarantula forum, LMK and I will move it to this forum.
Egg laying video
Acanthoscurria brocklehursti
Avicularia avicularia
Avicularia metallica
Avicularia versicolor
Aphonopelma iodius
Aphonopelma seemann
Brachypelma albopilosum
Brachypelma schroederi
Brachypelma vagans
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus
Ceratogyrus darlingi
Ceratogyrus marshalli
Cyriocosmus elegans
Cyriocosmus ritae
Ephebopus murinus
Grammostola pulchra
Grammostola pulchripes
Haplopelma albostriatum
Haplopelma hainanum
Heteroscodra maculata
Holothele incei
Hysterocrates gigas
Maraca cabocla
Nhandu carapoensis
Nhandu chromatus
Nhandu tripepii
Pamphobeteus ultramarinus
Paraphysa scrofa
Poecilotheria fasciata
Poecilotheria metallica
Poecilotheria miranda
Poecilotheria ornata
Poecilotheria pederseni
Poeciltheria regalis
Poecilotheria striata
Psalmopeous cambridgei
Psalmopoeus irminia
Pterinochilus murinus
Tapinauchenius cupreus
Theraphosa apophysis
Theraphosa sp.
Xenesthis immanis

June and The Roving Tarantula Troop.
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