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 Post subject: Guidelines and Rules
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:45 pm 
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Purpose: Share information/experience in breeding tarantulas.
This is a new forum. It is for you, so Please share your ideas, via PM to moderator, of what you like, dislike, want, works, or not about the forum.

1. One thread per species. Please check in the Forum Index for an established thread prior to posting.
2. Give full genus, species name.
3. This is an information forum. Post questions, discussion and congratulation remarks on the Tarantula Forum.
4. Post after outcome is established. That means when you have spiderlings or failure has been demonstrated.
5. Please use the format guidelines.

1... State success or not at the start.
2... Describe preparation of either/both partners. I.e. Feeding schedule, environmental control etc.
3... Describe the pairing, the method, set up, duration of contact etc.
4... Include your observations about the pairing.
5... Describe care of female post pairing: I.e. Feeding schedule, when stopped eating, her behavior, environmental control.
6... Describe any "trigger" needed to induce female to sac.
7... Give dates for pairing, when sac laid, sac pulled, slings emerged etc.
8... Describe care of sac/slings. I.e. left with mom/incubated, environmental control like temp and humidity.
9... Include stats. How many viable slings, damaged eggs etc.
10. Close with your observation/insight, about the experience. E.g. Why you think this breeding succeeded when other attempts failed.
11. What was the most challenging/interesting aspect about breeding said species etc. If breeding failed, please share reasons. Female molted out, eggs rotted etc. We can learn from failure.

June and The Roving Tarantula Troop.
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