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 Post subject: Discussion Board Rules
PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:27 pm 
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This message board is intended for discussion of any or all tarantula and arthropod related topics, plus classifieds, galleries and other useful forums. It was created to better serve our mission statement, as follows:

The American Tarantula Society (a non-profit organization) was founded in 1991 (first published 1992) to promote the study and the dissemination of information primarily concerning the arachnid infraorder Mygalomorphae, especially Theraphosidae. Also included; other Araneae, and other arachnid orders (exclusive of Acari). The ATS maintains the flow of information and cooperation between enthusiasts, students, teachers, and professional arachnologists.

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we cannot collect, make use of, or disclose personal information from children under the age of 13. If you are 13 or younger, please do not register to use this forum.

The ATS Message Board is managed/owned by members of the ATS Board, but this list is not the American Tarantula Society. To learn about the ATS, become a member, discuss ATS matters with members of the Executive Board, or submit questions or comments about the ATS, please visit and follow the contact, membership or many other links available.

By registering to use this forum you must meet the above criteria and agree to abide and comply with the rules and policies herein.

These are the rules we expect every individual to follow and respect while on this site. Failure to do so could result in a loss of posting privileges.

Rule #1: All posts, avatars, screen names, and signature lines should be family friendly as defined below:

• References to and images of illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and firearms are not permitted and will be removed by the moderators. This includes avatars, user names, and signatures.

• All obscene and vulgar language is prohibited. The use of profanity is also prohibited and will be edited by moderators, including avatars and signatures. Profanity with asterisks inserted (*) is also unacceptable and will be removed.

• Sexually explicit language, words and images, as well as references to pornography, are prohibited in posts, avatars and signatures. Arthropods are the exception of course, discussions about and images depicting arthropod courtship, mating and other aspects of reproduction are all acceptable and encouraged! However, please refrain from making off-color jokes.

Rule #2: All posts must be on-topic, meaning they must relate to arthropods in some way. For further explanation, see below:

• Complaints and disputes about moderators or moderation policy should be directed to a moderator or an ATS Executive Board Member via private message or email. In the interest of maintaining the educational mission of these boards, please do not use the discussion forums for these matters.

• Discussions and images about non-arthropod pets or wild animals including reptiles, birds, mammals or fish are are not allowed unless they are connected to arthropods in some manner.

• Discussions, comments and references about any religion are off topic and are not allowed. Religious references in avatars, signature blocks and screen names are subject to editing or removal if they are deemed controversial, confrontational or offensive by the moderator committee.

• Discussions, comments and references about politics or any politician are off topic and are not allowed. Political references in avatars, signature blocks and screen names are subject to editing or removal if they are deemed controversial, confrontational or offensive by the moderator committee.

Rule #3: All posts must be civil and respect the basic rules of etiquette and "netiquette". Posts intended to stir up controversy for its own sake (trolling) will not be tolerated. For further explanation, see below:

• Discussions and images concerning the killing or torturing of invertebrates for amusement are not allowed. They will be removed and possible penalties could result in the poster being permanently banned from this site. This includes but is not limited to staging fights between animals, and the promotion of websites that feature such content. However, posting a thread to alert members of this forum about animal abuse involving invertebrates elsewhere is acceptable.

• Legitimate scientific research is an allowable and encouraged topic, but conducting cruel experiments and falsely claiming it to be "science" is not. Any experiment discussed here that involves killing animals must be sanctioned by the scientific community as described by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or other similar body.

• No attacks on any web community, specific business or organization, including the ATS. The discussion forums were created for educational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a forum for settling disputes. If you have a complaint about the ATS, the content of this web site or you are personally aware of a seller/dealer who has not acted in good faith please direct your comments via email or personal message to one of the officers listed on the contact page. The ATS cannot address complaints about businesses or organizations not related to the ATS.

• The Classified Forums are intended for the trading, loaning, and selling of invertebrates or merchandise relating to them or their care. Sales of other animals or merchandise is prohibited. Trades for other animals may be permitted provided that the proposed trade involves invertebrates on at least one side. Advertisements of any kind should not be posted in any forums other than the classified forums. Any ad of dubious legality will be deleted.

• Harassing individuals via Private Messaging (PM's) and sending abusive or unsolicited messages (SPAM) via PM is not allowed. Unsolicited mail is defined as: any electronic mail that is unrequested by the recipient and is of an advertising or promotional nature.

• Please do not post copyrighted pictures or text without permission. All materials posted must either be your own or if not, you must have written permission to use it from the rightful owner or; it can be legally considered to be in the public domain. If in doubt just post a link to the material.

Rule #4: No tolerance of illegal selling or purchasing.

• No advertising of any illegally obtained merchandise, including animals imported without proper documentation (i.e. smuggled), is permitted. Likewise, the promotion of any illegal behavior anywhere on our discussion forums is also not permitted. Violation of this rule (even if it is discovered long after the violation occurred) will result in an immediate ban of at least one year, and possibly longer if deemed appropriate by the moderation committee. Sales and advertisements are to be of current stocks, advanced sales of undeveloped animals (e.g. in an eggsac) or animals not currently in the sellers stocks are also fraudulent. Complaints made of "bait and switch" tactics will also result in a banning from the discussion board.

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